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231 S. Indiana  Gaylord, MI 49735 1-800-292-3929 Northern Energy, Inc. Tank Wagon Deliveries of Bulk Lubricants Our modern fleet of delivery vehicles are available for your  bulk lubricant needs.    We are specialist in all forms of tank fills and on-site deliveries. We offer a complete line of equipment for all of your  lubrication needs.    We stock items such as barrel pumps & carts, hose reels,  totes and bulk tanks. Full Line of Equipment Sales and Service for Bulk Lubricants Used Oil Analysis and Interpretation manufacturers cleanliness specs, it is necessary With today’s extended oil change intervals, and     to have your oils analyzed by a reputable laboratory. We offer our customers Oil Analysis, and Interpretation,  from a Certified Laboratory.

Keep Full Programs

If you have multiple facilities that require a

consistent lubrication supply, our modern fleet of

delivery tank trucks can keep your system full on

a regular route basis.

24/7 Customer Service Our delivery service is available on a 24/7 emergency  basis to keep your facilities up and running. Just call our office number and leave your info with our  answering service. Certified Lubrication Specialists on Staff Our staff of highly trained Lubrication Specialists are  available to help you understand and define your lubrication  needs including: “Plant Lubrication Surveys”.